Fireworks Tote Bag of Treats
Product Code: 64291

Fireworks Tote Bag of Treats

A reusable tote that can be used all summer long, we fill our Fireworks Tote with tasty line-up featuring 4 flavors of our popcorn best and a medley of summer delights. This delicious treat bag makes the perfect accompaniment for your summer fireworks viewing.

Summer Delights:
• 1.6 oz. Cheese Popcorn – A must for any popcorn fan. When you think of cheese popcorn, this is it!
• 6 oz. Caramel Popcorn – Super crunchy and super delicious, one of our most popular popcorn recipes.
• 1.6 oz. White Cheddar Popcorn – Plump kernels with delicate white cheddar goodness and just a hint of buttermilk.
• 4 oz. Sour Green Apple – A candy-coated, crunchy popcorn experience, sweet, sour and delicious!
• 2.5 oz. Box Chocolate Chip Cookies – Crunchy and satisfying cookies packed with chunks of milk chocolate and crunchy pecans.
• 2 oz. Celestial Sours – Stellar shaped sour gummi candies in assorted mouthwatering fruit flavors.
• 2 oz. Sour Candies – Candy balls soured to perfection in assorted fruit flavors.
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