Valentine's Gift Ideas

Chocolate hearts, chocolate covered berries, our famous Pixies, Trinidads, and Mint Meltaways - we have a Valentine's Day treat for everyone in your life. Whether your sweetheart, your best friend, or your kids, we have gifts that are sure to please. Or create your own gift box with our signature flavors!
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Gift For Him

Each gift box includes 5 special flavors for Valentine's Day and an assortment of our Signature Artisan flavors. And just for Valentine's Day, each chocolate is heart-shaped to display your love and affection in gourmet style! 25 pc.
Planning a romantic dinner? Our chocolates are perfectly paired with: Filet Mignon and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon


Our luscious Valentine's gifts are a wonderful way to say 'You're the Best!'. Choose from collections of buttercreams, dark and milk chocolates, desserts, and more!
A treat for you when you buy chocolate with Fannie May's free shipping items. Our special collection with no shipping charge is a great way to save on gifts.
Twice the chocolate. Wow your special someone with some sweet love!
Fannie May desserts are unparalleled in quality. Our sweets are top-of-the-line. Get some for your Valentine and watch their heart melt!
Our everyday deals are hard to beat.

Create Your Own Gift!

Find out what your favorite flavors say about you! See list to the right

Send a Valentine Chocolate Card

More than a card, more than a box of chocolate, our Chocolate Cards send the perfect sweet message! Only $10 Delivered.

Chocolate Lover's Club

Treat family, friends or yourself to our delicious chocolates year-round with our new, convenient Chocolate Lovers Club!

The Secret Language of Flavors

What do your favorite flavors say about you?
  • Almond Cluster Debonair, Cheerful
  • Buttercrisp Adventurous, Strong
  • Caramel Dark Lovely, Secret Love
  • Caramel Milk Fascinating, Divine Love
  • Cherries Dark Dynamic, Delightful
  • Cherries Milk Gentle, Harmonious
  • Chocolate Toffee Fun, Joyous
  • Coco Ball Fearless, Exciting
  • Coconut Cream Romantic, Constant
  • French Nougat Young, Lovely
  • Fruit Fudge Creative, Generous
  • Hazelnut Cluster Dark Carefree, Enthusiastic
  • Honey Almond Nougat Funny, Bright
  • Hostess Mints Intelligent, Loving
  • Lemon Cream Loving, Loyal, Beautiful
  • Maple Cream Milk Faithful, Kind
  • Mays Chocolate Cream Curious, Exciting
  • Mint Meltaway Upbeat, Witty
  • Orange Cream Confident, Energetic
  • Orange Peel Indulgent, Witty
  • Peanut Butter Smoothies Healthy, Athletic
  • Peanut Caramel Friendly, Sincere
  • Pixies Thoughtful, Energetic
  • Raisin Cluster Tender, Rational
  • Raspberry Cream Lovable, Attractive
  • Strawberry Cream Inventive, Vivacious
  • Trinidads Alluring, Curvy
  • Truffles Intelligent, Elegant
  • Vanilla Buttercream Debonair, Charming
  • Walnut Clusters Warm, Kind