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For nearly a century, Fannie May® has been bringing you the finest gourmet chocolates, fudge, and candies that have kept us as your favorite traditional chocolate store.

Now, some of our best sellers will be coming soon on Amazon and are also available in our retail stores along with other customer favorites.

Some of our best sellers are available on Amazon

Inside of a pixie chocolate


Our finest chocolate with smooth caramel and crunchy pecans creating our most popular treat.

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Green and brown colored mint meltaways stacked on each other.

Mint Meltaways®

Perfect for those who crave the combination of a mint chocolate center and a milk chocolate or creamy pastel shell.

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Chocolate bars split into pieces

Chocolate Bars

Rich and creamy Fannie May chocolate in one perfect bar! Choose from 6 different flavors: Milk Chocolate, Crisped Rice, Almond, Peanut Butter, Caramel and 46% Dark Chocolate.

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Some of our best sellers exclusively at your local Fannie May store

A Vanilla Buttercream cut in half to reveal contents.

Vanilla Buttercreams

Irresistibly delicious smooth vanilla cream center smothered in luscious milk chocolate.

A Trinidad cut in half to reveal contents.


Creamy dark chocolate truffle center, coated in a rich pastel colored confection, and combined with a touch of toasted coconut.



The perfect marriage of light, fluffy marshmallow to creamy caramel, all enrobed in milk chocolate.