Easter Gift Ideas

Easter gifts for all - whether for you, your kids, grandparents, friends, or the whole family, we have Easter gifts to make everyone smile. Or create your own gift assortment with the flavors they will love!
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Milk Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Discover the smooth, rich taste of Fannie May chocolate like never before this Easter. Exclusively designed for the Easter season, our solid Chocolate Bunnies make the perfect Easter gift for all your friends and family. Give the perfect Easter Bunny bundle with our 6 oz milk chocolate bunnies.


Get those little bunnies hopping with our sweet Easter treats! Fill those baskets with any of our gourmet chocolate or candy delights! Choose from collections of buttercreams, dark and milk chocolates, desserts, and more!
The rich taste of Fannie May's buttercreams is simply amazing. The delicious melt-in-your-mouth flavor is sure to take your breath away. Try some today.
Our everyday deals are hard to beat.
Chocolates are the best gifts! Fannie May Chocolate is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of any chocolate lover, no matter what kind of chocolate they crave.
Fannie May's best selling chocolate is the best of the best. Our chocolate is always delicious and we take pride in knowing that our candies are the best.

Send an Easter Chocolate Card

More than a card, more than a box of chocolate, our Chocolate Cards send the perfect sweet message! Only $10 Delivered.

Create Your Own Gift!

Find out what your favorite flavors say about you! See list to the right.

Chocolate Lover's Club

Treat family, friends or yourself to our delicious chocolates year-round with our new, convenient Chocolate Lovers Club!

Easter Trivia

  • The Easter Bunny is thought to have originated in Germany during the Middle Ages.
  • 76% of Americans will eat the ears on chocolate bunnies first, according to studies.
  • 88% of American parents will create Easter baskets for their kids this year.
  • National Jelly Bean Day occurs every year on April 22nd.
  • 16 billion jelly beans are produced in the United States every year.
  • Among children, Cherry is the most popular jelly bean flavor.
  • Over 60 million chocolate bunnies are sold each Easter season.
  • Czar Alexander of Russia commissioned the famed Faberge eggs in 1883 as an Easter gift for his wife, the Empress Maria, in 1883.
  • The largest Easter egg ever made was created in Cortenuova, Italy in 2011 at 8,968 lbs. of chocolate and marshmallow, according to Guinness.
  • Eggs contain nearly every nutrient known to be essential to humans.
  • Every year, kids hunt close to one billion Easter eggs.
  • President Rutherford B. Hayes began the tradition of the annual White House Easter egg roll in 1878.
  • The world's largest jelly bean was created in 1995, and weighed 6,050 pounds.

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