S'mores Snack Mix

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S'mores Snack Mix

It’s been 100 years that we’ve been crafting the premium American chocolate you love. 

Fannie May s’mores snack mix  is inspired by a need for the perfect on-the-go snack. Master Chocolatier, Elliott Callahan and his innovation team, upgraded the classic flavors with premium ingredients: smooth Fannie May milk chocolate, sumptuous marshmallows and honied grahams. 100 year of chocolate ingenuity created the perfect indulgent anytime anywhere snack.

S'mores Snack Mix, an American classic made special by Fannie May.

Easy Plus Up Ideas with our S’mores Snack Mix

Toppings for any dessert

Enhance any recipe with adding a sprinkle of Fannie May S’mores Snack Mix.

Check out our recipes pages for inspiration.

Easy Recipe with our S'mores

S'mores Snack Mix Favorites:

Crunchy grahams and marshmallows covered in Fannie May Milk Chocolate.

FM_3218_2ozSmores_104x253_V3 2oz Pouch
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