Why Fannie May

Why Fannie May?

We know that owning your own business and buying a franchise can be a life-changing experience.  We know there are seemingly endless opportunities to choose from, but running your own business with a Fannie May franchise has unbeatable potential.

Fannie May is a premium chocolate shop that provides customers a chance to escape into a world of indulgence. Our guiding values of tradition, quality and innovation empower us to deliver an unparalleled chocolate experience.

Benefits to joining the Fannie May family as a franchise owner:

Proven Business Model:

  • Our 2011 Franchise Disclosure shows that our company stores open at least a year had an average unit net margin of 22%. 
  • We also disclose our expense structure for our company units.  This information can be obtained during the franchise candidate discovery process.

On-going Training & Development:

  • We provide dedicated franchise training in our new state of the art facility.
  • Franchisees receives ongoing detailed product training for new confections.

Operational Support:

  • Real estate site selection assistance
  • Building, architectural design and construction advice
  • Guidance for ordering your initial chocolate order
  • On-site visits from trained field staff

Marketing & Advertising Support:

  • Assistance in developing marketing campaigns and in-store promotions
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