Fannie May 100th Anniversary 1920-2020 Celebrating 100 Years Making Premium Chocolates #MakeItSpecial
Make It Special with Pixies Smooth caramel and crunchy pecans covered in rich milk chocolate Shop Now
Make It Special with Mint Meltways Mint chocolate centers enrobed in a milk chocolate or creamy green pastel shell Shop Now

Our chocolates are made with only the finest ingredients from around the world and handcrafted with exceptional artistry, unwavering attention and care to deliver a chocolate experience that is second to none. Our values are rooted in our humble Chicago beginnings. Our commitment to tradition, quality and innovation is reflected in every aspect of the Fannie May® experience - from the ingredients in our recipes, to the look, aroma, and taste of our chocolates, to the visual appeal of our stores and packaging. We are continually exploring new possibilities to surprise and delight chocolate lovers today and for generations to come.